Success Stories

Başak Ünsal 360 450 Stichting United Work

Başak Ünsal

Başak Ünsal, entrepreneur, and mother, is working very hard to make her dream business keep going. After working in banking sector for 12 years, she decides to follow her dreams by building her own business. Making sector analysis and feasibility studies she decides to start her business in bridal wear sector. She comes up with…

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Emir Selçukoğlu 360 450 Stichting United Work

Emir Selçukoğlu

Emir Selçukoğlu was born in Damascus. A Syrian Entrepreneur. He, his wife and 1,5-year-old child come to Turkey in early 2013 to build a new chapter in their life.  After several attempts he finds a job in tourism sector to get more practical experience. With the business experience he gained, he starts his own business…

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Fariha Al-Sharabi 360 450 Stichting United Work

Fariha Al-Sharabi

ariha Al-Sharabi, a Syrian engineer, born in Damascus in 1991. She came to Turkey in 2015 and completed her master’s in Material Science and Engineering. “I came to Istanbul with my mother and decided to stay here to pursue my studies and achieve my professional goals, which seemed very difficult in my country recently,” she…

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Omran Alhomsi 360 450 Stichting United Work

Omran Alhomsi

Omran Alhomsi, a mechanical engineer, born in Syria. 8 years ago, he came to Turkey with his wife and three children. He was running his own business in Syria, after few attempts in Turkey, he decided to run a business in the field of medical supply. “When I decided to run my business, my main…

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Abeer Alla Aldin 360 450 Stichting United Work

Abeer Alla Aldin

Young Syrian refugee found a job in health tourism Mrs. Abeer Alla Aldin (24) was born and raised in the Syrian capital Damascus. She is the eldest of six children and has one brother and four sisters. She came to Turkey with her family in 2013. Two years after the civil war started in Syria.…

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Shahed Gozum 360 450 Stichting United Work

Shahed Gozum

“It is really difficult for a Syrian to find a job in Turkey” For more than four years Mrs. Shahed  (23) from Aleppo worked as an English teacher for Turkish kids, in private schools, in public schools, in a company. “I didn’t have a work permit. But the thing was, nobody knew I was Syrian.…

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Yasmin Nashawati 360 450 Stichting United Work

Yasmin Nashawati

Yasmin from Aleppo helps Syrians get jobs For many young adults in Syria the start of the civil war in their country in 2011 resulted in the end of their education in their own country. Yasmin Nashawati (22), from Aleppo, is one of them. In 2013 she came with her family to Istanbul. My mom…

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İbrahim Abdulkarim 360 450 Stichting United Work

İbrahim Abdulkarim

Ibrahim Abdulkarim (23) from the Syrian of Aleppo came to Turkey in 2015. He had been living in Saudi Arabia for 14 years, since he was 7 years old. “I know the culture and I’m fluent in the Saudi accent”, he says. As he could not study in Syria because of the civil war, he…

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Fidan Zeino 360 450 Stichting United Work

Fidan Zeino

Fidan escaped poverty in Syria in 2013. She came to Turkey from the northwestern Syrian region of Afrin with a family of seven. “Because life there was very difficult: no water, no electricity, no jobs”. She is now 21, Kurdish, and the third one of five children. “I completed secondary school and studied Turkish for…

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Opportunity Hunting

We maintain close relations with many local, national, and international companies that are active in various industries in Turkey.

Work Permit Consulting

We help refugees and companies with the process of obtaining a work permit which is obliged for refugees according to Turkish Labour Law.

Enterprise Registration

Enterprise Registration refers to the permission of the businesses within the scope of the Regulation on Opening and Operating. Licenses.


Mapping is a search to see the labour dynamics of the targeted locations clearer from an eye of 360 degrees look.


We make the profiling of a group of candidates according to their demographical and personal skills to make a clear comparison.

Market Research

We prepare labour market reports, especially during the feasibility term of the projects to understand the market reality for donors and project owners.

What We Do?

We have designed and developed our all programs and services accordingly need and demand of refugees, host community and labour market to provision of job creation for all actors of labour market.

Do you have any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Subsidies are often available and provided through outside funds within differentiating conditions. You are kindly encouraged to contact United Work to request information on current subsidy possibilities.

  • Currently, there are slightly over 4 million refugees in Turkey. All refugees whom are above legal working age and whom obtain remaining conditions are considered part of United Work candidate pool.

  • Along with the headquarter in İstanbul; United Work has region offices in İzmir and Bursa. Also, United Work provides assistance to companies from all around Turkey from distance or on-site upon request.

  • Subsidies are often available and provided through outside funds within differentiating conditions. You are kindly encouraged to contact United Work to request information on current subsidy possibilities.

  • If the refugee does nt hold a Temporary Proctection ID or registered under Temporary Protection Status in a different city than the employer; a work permit application shall not be possible. United Work commits to check candidates eligibility to work permit application and direct only suitable candidates.

  • Our first mission is trying our best to find you a job. We depend on the wishes of our clients. We have an extended and varied network, so we can guarantee you a bigger chance of finding a job.

  • Our clients are mainly looking for ‘blue-collar’ workers. Blue-collar work may involve skilled or unskilled manufacturing, sanitation, construction, mechanical maintenance, technical installation and many other types of physical work. Also, jobs in restaurants or shops. A higher level academic education is often not required for many blue-collar jobs. However, certain fields may require specialized training, licensing or certification as well as a high school diploma.

  • No. This is our one of main mission that provide you legal working environment to save your rights.

Stichting United Work

Stichting (Foundation) United Work; is an NGO which is established and initially funded by the Dutch Government aiming to support Syrian refugees being employed in Turkey.

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Phone +90 212 274 63 20

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